Cleanse and be Fabulous!


It’s 2018 and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to finally become a ‘10’, a healthy 10! How about you? Our first detox is all about soups & broths, healing & sealing, nourishing body, mind and soul. Let’s do this!


Doing a cleanse/detox should not be tedious, it should be good, clean, fun. You are healing your body, mind & spirit and creating wellness & vitality. Celebrate it! That’s where we come in…


Team Fit&Fab! We’re your fun, super dialed, on-line cleanse tribe. Over 7 days, we work together via email, and private Facebook group, to share recipes, questions, solutions and successes with each other. The Fit&Fab Cleanse will help you clear toxic load from the body so you can lose weight, balance hormones, seal your gut, and just plain get happy. Your coaches are here to guide you through the program every step of the way. Plus, you get membership for life in our detox pod! That means access to recipes, hints, hacks, affirmations, yoga poses, and so much more JUST by signing up for one 7-Day cleanse.  So let’s detox together and be Fit & Fab!


Your coaches,



Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Health Warrior, Detox Expert

How it Works!

First, sign up, make your payment and you immediately receive a shopping list for groceries (think lots of fresh produce, miso/broth, ferments, seeds, legumes, real butter, basically whole foods) as well as instructions to map out your week. Our first 2018 cleanse is all about soups and broths, healing and sealing. As soon as you pay, your UNDA Liver and Kidney Drainage Kit will be placed in the mail. Do not fret if you sign up late and don’t get the drainage kit in time for the first day/s of the cleanse. It is a three-week gentle protocol that you continue after our work together is done. Then, go get your groceries; first email arrives Sunday, we start Monday February 5th.


7 Days, 7 Pillars, 7 Points – to get you on track to be your most vibrant self, each day you receive an email with instructions for your 7 Pillars:


1st Knowledge …builds lasting commitment.

2nd Food …the miracle of healing food.

3rd Fit …do do do yoga, intervals, walk.

4th Meditation …be be be affirm & believe.

5th ME-Time …create health & happiness.

6th Share & Care …get & give love/support.

7th Fab …tra-la-la-la how-to-be fabulous!


TOTAL: 7 points/day if you do all of the above. Earn 49 to graduate Fit&Fab Honors!


At any time (hopefully daily), hop online to share your experience and recipes with others, get inspired, learn how others are doing and check out our live videos, kitchen how-tos, and more. For all of these goodies and more, you have to sign up ahead of time, i.e. now! Commit to your health and become a Healthy 10 now! Your guides/nutrition gurus will be there every step of the way.


Cost is $165, includes drainage kit. Still a smoking deal!

Cost for just the detox no kit, $95

Start date Feb 5, 2018

Max 50 people. Space is limited.

Note: you can choose to do the detox without the drainage kit no problem. Cost is $95. Just following the food protocol will still create positive changes/habits and improvements for you.

• Trial/Intro Cleanse starts Sunday/Monday, February 5th, 7 days only.


• Coming soon, monthly 7-Day detoxes. Starts the 1st Sunday of every month.


• Yes, the Fit&Fab cleanse is gentle enough you can do it every month. It’s the perfect body RESET.


• Did you know? A guided detox will help manage weight loss, hormones, gut dysbiosis, blood sugar, inflammation, skin problems, issues associated with aging, bone health, moods, motivation, etc.

7 Reasons why the Fit&Fab Detox works:


1.  You will lose weight, detoxify, feel better, look better and be better!!


2.  You get 2 fab nutrition coaches to guide you along the way and daily instruction. It’s not much fun doing a cleanse/detox alone! The more you do it, the better you feel, the more fun it becomes! Plus we’re hilarious!! ;)


3.  You learn what to buy, how to prep, best recipes, batch cooking and how to eat to detox every single day! Plus, it’s yummy!


4.  You learn what cleansing does for your body and why it’s a must for every body. With knowledge comes power. You won’t easily be able to go back to bad habits.


5.  Delivered to your inbox daily: a mantra/affirmation, yoga pose, interval/work-out, plus plus plus.


6.  You get a 24/7 online private support group: ask questions; share joys, frustrations, successes, pictures, recipes!! Each day you and your peers can earn 7 points, go for honors and get the full 49!


7.  You get a Detox Box in the mail with supplements plus a few special gifts from us. Surprise!!


is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Fermentationist known as The Gut Girl. She is co-creator of Fit&Fab and is on a mission to share the healing and beautifying benefits of probiotic-rich foods with busy women everywhere! A few years ago, she was faced with stress-related health issues and embarked on a healing journey. It was when she introduced fermented foods to her diet that she experienced an astounding transformation, from brighter skin and a flatter tummy to a happier disposition.

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is creator of Fit&Fab Detox (online detox experts) and believes that uber-health is possible through regular cleansing & fabulousness. She’s a registered holistic nutritionist (and health nut), yogini (certified RYT), host of the popular new web-series the 40-Girl’s Guide to Health and a former reality TV producer (yes I worked on Housewives!). With depth, experience, compassion and humor, Shannon inspires clients/audiences to make permanent, positive change in their goal toward optimum health & longevity. “You are what you eat, so don’t be cheap or fake!” xx @shannonnering